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Night lighting design

Design of night lighting of Dengjiayao bridge in Tongzhou, Beijing
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The project won the fifth in the lighting award lighting project design award outstanding nomination award

           The project is located on the Wenyu River in Tongzhou, east of Beijing. Full bridge bridge length of 311 meters, the main span of 158 meters, using the structure of the basket basket.

           Design orientation: At the beginning of the design, the design team visited the surrounding environment where the bridge was located. The historical background of the area where the bridge was located and the characteristics of its own building structure were studied and discussed. Finally, the bridge structure design The program is designed in conjunction with the lighting program. In the functional structure at the same time, emphasizing its landscape effect, to achieve structural mechanics and visual aesthetics of the perfect unity.

           Bridge with the "water" attitude as the design of the motif, the use of a wave arc arch, the spirit of cooperation and progress, the concept of ecology and even Tongzhou unique water culture characteristics, integration gathered on the bridge above.