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National Grand Theater lighting design
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The project won the "Second China Environmental Art Award" best example award

        China National Grand Theater is located on the west side of Tiananmen Square, adjacent to Chang'an Street.

National Grand Theater is the highest hall of Chinese art performances, so for its lighting design, should fully reflect the Grand Theater, noble, elegant, solemn, vigorous temperament. National Grand Theater by its architectural characteristics is very clear, for its lighting design should be fully considered with its architectural structure, fully embodies the architectural characteristics and beauty. Combined with the Grand Theater landscape and architectural form, we put forward the "Pearl of the water" design theme, hope that through our careful lighting art design, showing the Grand Theater noble, elegant, solemn, vigorous style temperament. We have a "modular" deepening of the lighting effects of the Grand Theater, using a combination of long-distance dyed lights and close-up dyed lights to illuminate the Grand Theater's complete, atmospheric nightlight image.

(The project by the Beijing Municipal Engineering Research Institute commissioned)