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Lanzhou City will build intelligent urban lighting management system

News source: Release time: [2017-02-23]

In order to speed up the promotion and application of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED products, to promote energy conservation, enhance the image of the city to promote municipal road lighting to adapt to urban intelligence, low-carbon, environmental development needs, Lanzhou Municipal Government Office recently issued "Lanzhou city road lighting intelligent energy-saving renovation project work program" to further promote the Lanzhou City lighting to the intelligent, energy-saving benign development track.

 "Program" that Lanzhou City will build intelligent municipal management system, the existing street lighting monitoring system for intelligent upgrading, the construction of intelligent control center, 500 sets of sub-station equipment system, municipal monitoring probe (10000 points, with 4G transmission (15000 base, basic data, geographic information entry), electronic map (basic data, geographic information, processing, programming), 100 sets of mobile data, web browsing and maintenance system, Inspection system, professional leakage detection system and other expansion projects (rain, bridges, roads, etc.) of the municipal facilities intelligent management system. At the same time, the urban road lighting energy-saving transformation, the four districts of Lanzhou City (Chengguan, Qilihe, Anning, Xigu) main, secondary roads, bridges, open parks, squares and other public lighting field functional and decorative lighting facilities LED energy-saving transformation of a total of 60113 light. Among them: Chengguan District 24837, Qilihe District 16535, Anqing District 6813, Xigu District 6655, the Yellow River line 5273 lines.