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Recently introduced nine new LED lighting products

News source: Release time: [2017-02-23]

Technology people-oriented, LED lighting design and technology applications should be the case, and the recent launch of the 10 new LED, new technology, new design, it is good for us to show this.

1, rose in the air of the maglev LED bulb

Recently, there is a newspaper that Zhaoqing a company invented the magnetic levitation lamp boarded this year, the United States, "Time", became the weekly publication of 25 major technology invented one of them. This innovative product called "Flyte" magnetic levitation lamp, is composed of an LED bulb and wireless power receiver together constitute the suspension in the air components, and in the base of the bulb contains an electromagnet. In the wooden base connecting the wires, there is a wireless power transmitter and another electromagnet. The staff put the light bulb on the base, and slowly release it, you will see the light bulb slowly rising, and firmly suspended in the air.

According to reports, the magnetic levitation bulb is made of fireproof material, the monthly consumption of about twice the power, floating light bulbs rely on the characteristics of magnetic, power after the bulb floating up. Technical difficulties are mainly on the control of the physical field of space, that is, the bulb is suspended in the air there is a balance point, the need to control the balance point. At present, the company developed the magnetic levitation bulb, is the industry's only CE, UL certified products, so far has been granted more than 40 foreign patents.

2, when the mobile power with waterproof solar lights

LuminAID is a folding waterproof solar lights, but also has a mobile power function, very suitable for outdoor use. Its brightness is 150 lumens, you can adjust the brightness, the longest lighting time of 50 hours. Support IP67 waterproof, you can flood in a meter of water without damage, even if the rain can also be used normally. Built-in 2000mAh battery, can be used as a backup mobile power, also supports solar charging, basically a day can be filled, it is only a very thin square plastic sheet, you can hang in the bag, absorb solar energy. Slightly blow the gas, LuminAID will swell, into a small handle with a square light, to achieve lighting experience.

3, colorful magic effect can wear LED lights

According to the British "Daily Mail" recently reported that a group of kayak lovers wearing LED lights night in the water line of the cool video popular network. The video was filmed in the White Salmon River in Washington, DC. In the process from the top of the waterfall down the line, the man exudes the light and the splash of water mixed together, resulting in a bright color effect, looks both hazy and magical, amazing.

4, adjustable brightness and lighting angle of the intelligent lights

         Designer Luke Roberts invented a new type of intelligent chandelier called FLUXO, bringing some fresh ideas, for example, it has a general intelligent light bulbs do not have the function - lighting angle adjustment. Through the mobile phone application, you can freely adjust the location of FLUXO light, because FLUXO is chandelier design, like a moon in general, adjust its lighting position, you can achieve a very scene and the specific lighting experience.

5, to enhance the breadth of the lighting of the child-reading lamp

BenQ new parent-child reading lamp design, with a unique optical design 95 cm (cm) ultra-wide lighting, irradiation area is 150% of the general table lamp. Provide a wide range of color temperature light, free to adjust the color temperature and brightness, to meet the needs of parents and children's activities lighting. The product through the non-strobe with the EU "IEC / EN62471" no Blu-ray hazard certification. With automatic sensor switch lamp design, the use of infrared detection sensor to take the initiative to light, 30 minutes away from the car automatically turn off the lights. Built-in intelligent dimming mode, providing comfortable light and read the situation. Patent spherical joint and torsion spring, flexible multi-angle rotation, can easily adjust the lighting height and angle.

6, a more secure new road lighting system

If there is no light around the crosswalk, the safety factor will be greatly reduced. In view of this situation, some designers have improved the traditional sidewalk, the designer crossed the design of a set of lighting system, the lighting system can provide 24 hours a day lighting. Above the crosswalk, with steel brackets. Above the bracket, with LED lights. After the light, the rectangular LED light will provide enough brightness, illuminate the ground on the zebra crossing, so that the distance from the driver can see the front of the crosswalk, to avoid the role of pedestrians. At present, this set of lighting system is still in the stage of continuous improvement. The next step, will be from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, increase the function of solar power. Will be installed in the iron frame solar panels, it will not consume electricity, which play the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

7, with candles for the LED power supply lights

This is a very unique new candle LED lights, it can use candles as fuel, very eye-catching. Designers said that this LED light to take full advantage of the principles of physics, the heat into electricity, stored in the internal battery to drive LED lights.

8, with salt and water lit portable longevity LED lights

Japan Maxell recently launched a "MIZUSION" LED lights, the biggest feature is just add water and salt can be lit, no need to charge and use the battery. Only need to add salt and water to produce a 2000lm brightness, each can be used for about 80 hours, plus a portable lamp design lighting a wider range. The LED lamp is equipped with a magnesium "energy bar", once poured into the salt and water, salt water will become an electrolyte to generate electricity. In addition, the official claims that the energy bar can be stored for up to ten years and can be purchased independently.

9, through the sense of brightness of the sun light LED window lights

Scientific research has shown that lighting, especially near midnight sun color temperature lamp, will alleviate the situation of winter depression (seasonal mood disorder) to a certain extent. Sunlight LED window lights (Sunlight LEDWindow) design is like its name, is a "false windows." It is a LED lights, you can hang in the corridor, the bathroom, like a window, like the gallery to look more comfortable. It has a matching light sensor, put it on the window, it can sense the current strength of the sun outside, and then through the Wi-Fi data sent to the LED window lights, automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature, so that the family seems to have opened a Fan real windows.