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"Tianjin TEDA Square" night lighting project design work won the bid

News source: Release time: [2008-10-31]

Warmly congratulate my company and partners - the world famous lighting equipment manufacturers Thorn cooperation completed the "Tianjin TEDA Square" night lighting project design work and the successful bidder.

TEDA Citizen Culture Square is located in the Bohai Sea commercial giant ship, located in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, the first street, located in Binhai New Area, the main road south of the South Sea Road, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Service Center Building, Development zone of the living room, the characteristics of the square building highlights the combination of ecological architecture and simple style. Citizen Square is a comprehensive city pedestrian area. Residents and tourists can be here for entertainment, shopping, education, leisure. Comfortable indoor environment to provide visitors with Dongnuanxialiang common city streets. The greenery, water features and outdoor venues provide entertainment and beautiful surroundings to the surrounding community.

The whole building through the light-based, supplemented by floodlight means of the whole body to do bright, and ultimately the formation of exquisitely carved at the same time the impact of visual effects.

The whole square and the building of the four-dimensional lighting level is divided into: major festivals, general festivals, weekdays, summer, winter. Which makes the changes in the environment and changes in lighting effects to achieve a perfect unity.