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My company and the Australian COX design group to establish strategic partnership alliance

News source: Release time: [2008-10-31]

COX is a well-known architectural design company, especially in the design of sports venues have a wealth of experience, the world has their works, such as the Sydney Olympic Games swimming pool, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Qingdao water sports center, Cairns Conference Center and so on.

Cairns Convention Center is a typical example, she is the most likely to combine the geographical environment and eco-tourism, to make it more unique, with the wave line system and folding roof composed of unique appearance, and the city's high and low The industrial building area is coordinated, that is creative, and follows the tradition of European cairns lazy temporary arbor. Folding agencies can not only cover a wider area, but also can be used to join the rain in order to divert. Metal sunroofs with daylight control can enhance energy control, solar collectors can provide energy, and take other measures to maximize energy efficiency. The conference center has become a hot spot for Cairns eco-tourism.

I am with the establishment of strategic partnership with the company, in the design of unremitting efforts to explore. So as to jointly improve their own professional and technical level, continue to move forward.