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In October 2003 the company officially became a member of China Lighting Association

News source: Release time: [2008-10-31]

My company after more than a year of efforts, in October 2003, officially became a member of China Lighting Association.

China Illuminating Society (China Illuminating Engineering Society, abbreviated as CIES) was established on June 1, 1987, and is a national first-class society of China Science and Technology Association. Was incorporated into the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) on behalf of the China National Commission on Illumination, the only organization that represented China in the International Commission on Illumination.

China Lighting Society has a group of domestic lighting experts and scholars, mainly engaged in lighting technology research, teaching, design, production, development and promotion of application work. The purpose of the Institute is to organize and unite the broad masses of lighting technology workers and members, and actively carry out academic exchange activities; care and maintenance of lighting technology workers and members of the legitimate rights and interests, for the prosperity and development of China's lighting industry, accelerate the realization of China's socialist modernization make a contribution.

As one of the members of the China Lighting Association, the company uphold the purpose of the Institute, and actively participate in the cause of the industry, and constantly improve and improve their own ability. To serve the community, the concept of social construction of the company.