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"Road in the Road": "Road" refers to the Heaven, here refers to the ideal career. Yihe Yongyi each of the staff to do "Chinese art and design culture and creative industrialization pioneer" as their own career ideal and pursued.

"According to Germany": "Germany" originally refers to virtue, here refers to professional quality. In Yihe Yongyi's team of companies, each of the staff members as an art designer before, first became a responsible, rigorous professional workers. Here, there is no company for the head, shed blood empty slogans, only the real collective and personal career process.

"According to benevolence": "benevolence" originally refers to the heart of love, here refers to the spirit of enterprise staff inside and outside the style. Treatment of customers, Yihe people will treat friends of the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, to provide satisfactory design work; treat colleagues within the company, family harmony and comfortable working atmosphere will be the main theme of all the staff life.

"Tour in the arts": "art" refers to the original skills, here refers to the art of professional design. Yi Wo Wing Yee design team of all staff, will focus on the overall work of the spirit, in their respective areas of expertise continue to blaze new trails, and strive to "the feasibility of the program, the design of the art, the effect of aesthetics and the production of fine" Make unremitting efforts to explore. Thus continuing to improve their own professional and technical level.

In the future development of the company, we will be the art of the industry's greatest enthusiasm and the most professional spirit, for the cause of China's art and design luster.