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Is located in the core area of Beijing CBD Beijing Yihe Yong Yi Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd., is engaged in a lighting art design professional design agencies, the company is committed to the integration of professional experience of the elite, composed of targeted design team to create art and Technical unity of the design and emphasizes the expression of the program, so that customers meet themselves more satisfied with the more easily.

Since its inception in 2002, the business has been expanded on the basis of lighting art design, bridge art design, sculpture art design, public facilities design, landscape art optimization, architectural art optimization and achieved good performance in its related fields , The company's strong integrated design strength, will make your project plan with complete adaptability and vitality.

In the field of art design a lot of experience and expertise, Yihe Yong Yi become a clear banner. With virtual roaming, panoramic animation, the effect of drawings and other means for the program provides a rich and perfect form of expression.

In the long-term cooperation, Yihe people in the "Chi Road, according to Germany, according to people, swim in the arts," the company think of the spirit of the community to get friends to support and encourage, learn from foreign advanced peer project concept, Combined with China's national conditions, completed a total of more than 400 domestic professional design of the size of the project, and for all types of owners to provide professional quality design services, the establishment of a broad and deep strategic partnership.


In the future development of the company, we will be the art of the industry's most professional spirit, for the cause of China's art and design luster.